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A Surrender

September 28, 2009

The following is a prophecy from  Kim Clement on September 19, 2009 – Houston, TX. In it God talks about how He has “…watched over you (America) since your 9/11.”  There is also mention of the surrendering of hidden arms, which appeared to mean weapons. I believe that it is vital that we heed the prophecies of trusted prophets like Kim Clement. Here is the prophecy in its entirety.

We command you to surrender the arms.  They will be exposed.  America I have watched over you since your 9/11.  For God says now there will be a surrender.  There shall be a surrender.  They will surrender arms that have been hidden.  The Spirit of the Lord declares What they plan to use against this nation, against Israel, against Europe, the United Kingdom will be surrendered one by one.  And finally the Beast that has been in hiding shall be brought out for the world to see.  They shall say is this the one that terrified the whole world?  Is this the one who frightened the nations of the earth?  Is this it?  So shallow shall it be says the Lord.  But I will draw the beast out from the caves and the fields and America shall once and for all shout as one nation, and in one moment I will wipe out the division that has been brought to this nation by the spirit of python says the Lord.

There shall be a cry.  They shall say this has not been right, let the courts decide.  For God said what courts can decide the guilt of a man.  I will show you which court shall decide.  In one moment this nation shall stand again as they stood in the steps when 9/11 took place and they sang together, and now years later there is division, hatred, scorn, shame, debt.  God said they look upon you not the way they shall see you.  For very soon God said they will look and say the nation has brought themselves together, and now they are one.  They are praying together.  For I have caused the beast to surrender and the surrendering of the arms will stop a potential war in Israel and in America, and God said I will stop it in an instance, for My Word has been declared and so shall it be.

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