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ACORN Needs to be Investigated

September 12, 2009

Here are the famed ACORN prostitution investigation videos.

Part 1

Part 2

There are a few profoundly disturbing things in these videos. The most disturbing thing by far is the issue of underage sex workers. These ACORN workers didn’t even flinch at the thought of allowing the young couple to harbor underage sex workers. Were these women mothers or grandmothers? Quite shocking and sad.

Secondly, the ACORN workers handled the situation with such ease, as if it was a common practice of theirs.  ACORN has since fired the two workers and the Census Bureau has severed its ties with them. ACORN needs to be fully investigated right away.  According to a Washington Examiner Report ACORN has received $53 million dollars in federal funds since 1994 (click here to see ACORN Federal Monies Data). With that kind of money being thrown at them they should be held up to a much higher level of scrutiny.

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