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Health Care & Abortion — urgent update from ACLJ

July 31, 2009

This was written by Jay Sekulow and can be found here.

wanted to bring you an update on the situation on Capitol Hill regarding health care.  The battle for life within the health care debate is taking center stage today and tomorrow.

The final House committee with jurisdiction on the issue (the House Energy and Commerce Committee) is resuming its markup of the bill today, with proceedings expected to go through at least tomorrow and possibly the weekend.

Front and center during this committee debate will be four pro-life amendments offered by Democrat Bart Stupak (MI) and Republican Joe Pitts (PA).  These four amendments directly address the major concerns that we have regarding the abortion issues within the health care debate.  You can read a summary of the amendments here.

If passed as a group and retained through enactment, these amendments would go a long way towards protecting innocent life within this health care debate.  Failure to pass any of them leaves the legislation as unacceptable on the abortion issue, and simply a vehicle through which more abortions (many funded with taxpayer dollars) will be performed.

In addition to making abortion services mandatory benefits, there are other serious concerns with this legislation – including the overwhelming cost and the prospect of government-run health care.  Those issues still need to be addressed.

However, for now, we are calling for the passage of these four critical amendments.  Please continue to stand with us by signing our petition and by calling on your House Member to support these amendments.  Get the latest information on Jay Sekulow Live!

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