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Homegrown Terrorist Cell Busted in North Carolina

July 30, 2009

So, who are these terrorists you ask? The group was led by a white man named Daniel Patrick Boyd. Boyd, 39, is a father of two who lives in rural North Carolina. He was arrested Monday with 6 others, including his two sons. Prosecutes say Boyd was trained in Pakistan as a jihadist. He came back to America and recruited others.

First off, this may have been a homegrown cell that doesn’t mean they weren’t well trained.

According to Eric Stakelbeck of CBN these terror cells are not a rare thing in rural America.

I’ve reported  from the backwoods compound of a radical group called Muslims of America; from sleepy Shelbyville, Tenn, where hundreds of Somali Muslims have flocked; in recent years; from rural Virginia, again, where a terror cell trained for jihad by playing paintball; and from Tulsa, Okla.,  where a moderate Muslim man was threatened for speaking out against jihad. And let’s not forget the attempt to establish a terror training camp in the backwoods of Bly, Oregon.

A great point that Stakelback makes is that

Daniel Patrick Boyd looked like your typical good ‘ol boy. He ran a drywall business with his family. Neighbors frequently observed him walking his dog…

Terrosists who wish to infiltrate our country know that they need to be creative and do things under the radar. Therefore, recruiting white men from rural America is a perfect fit. That is why all of us need to me very aware of our neighbors and report anything out of the ordinary.

Pamela Gellar wrote in her blog that CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations)

questioned the constitutionality of what it termed a “cruel trick” played by the FBI on the family of a terrorism suspect arrested earlier this week in North Carolina.

Meanwhile CAIR wants “government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future.” So how is an organization like CAIR, who doesn’t want our constitution in place, able to “question the constitutionality” of anything? Of course they can’t.

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